Last weekend I ventured to Maybird Gulch within the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. In late spring at higher elevations there is still an enormous amount of snow – often waist deep. To stay above the snow, I used the MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes. To keep the snow from getting into that big hole in the top of my boots – that hole you stick your foot into – I used the Black Diamond FrontPoint Gaiter.

 Bottom Line – The FrontPoint does its job very well, and then some. I’ll give you the quick and dirty on why I dig the Black Diamond FrontPoint Gaiter:

  • These gaiters are durable. Designed with ice climbing and mountaineering in mind, Black Diamond used ballistic nylon on the lower portion to avoid rips and tears from stray snowshoe and crampon spikes.
  • These gaiters breathe. The upper fabric is two-layer Gore-Tex nylon. You know about Gore-Tex?
  • I like the fit. The gaiters fit snugly around my boots and pants. They stay out of the way and don’t get caught on things. The adjustability of the instep strap, the Velcro closure, and the cinching top all combine to make this gaiter work for a variety of boots and clothing combinations.


This review is pretty simple – these gaiters are a high quality product from a brand we all know very well – Black Diamond. I’ve included an image below for you to see what they look like in the field.